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#WOTW: The Reverse French Manicure

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For those of you who have absolutely no idea what a french manicure is, seriously, what are you doing on the internet all day? A French manicure is the application of a clear or nude colour on your nails as a base coat, followed by white polish on the tips. Once dry, apply a clear top coat and voilà! You have perfectly healthy looking nails!

French manicures have been around for a long time but their popularity has waned thanks to the rise of graphic and colourful nail art over the past few years. However, trust creative nail technicians to come up with ways to make this staid manicure style more relevant to current times and needs. And that’s how the reverse French manicure has come into existence.

So what exactly is a reverse French manicure, you ask? Well, a reverse French mani basically inverts the classic style of painting your tips. What you do instead is create a half-moon shape near the cuticles. The reverse French mani is a great way to incorporate different colours in your mani, because you can paint the half-moon section in one colour and the remaining third of your nail in a different/clashing hue.

Girls, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Here’s an easy step-by-step run through. Take any two nail colours of your choice. Paint your entire nail one colour and let it dry. Once it’s dry, you stick circular nails stickers that you get with French manicure kits near the cuticles. Paint the next colour on top of the previous one, but don’t colour the semi-circle at the top of your nail. Once it’s dry, remove the stickers and add a top coat and your reverse French mani is done.

Here’s a super easy tutorial that shows you how to get it done!



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