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You Won’t Believe This Easy Trick To Long-Lasting Curls!

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Let’s admit it, not everyone is adept at using hot tools. Besides, they need some getting used to. Straightening my hair with my flat iron was pretty easy but mastering curling tongs was a struggle. I didn’t know how long I should hold the tongs to my hair, and somehow the curls always came out wonky or fell flat within no time. I’m so glad I learnt to use a flat iron to curl my hair. But I’ve now found an easier way to curl my hair, and I can’t wait to try this trick. Believe me girls this hack is legit.

All you’ll need is an amazeballs blow dryer (it is the star performer here), a brush, and a few pin curl clips to take your regular blowout to diva-esque bouncy curls. You will need to start with towel-dried hair. Apply a styling product like a mousse (BTW here’s the right way to use mousse), section your hair, and start blow drying each section. When you are nearly done drying a section (I’d say about 80%), use your fingers to roll the section and pin it in place using a pin curl clip.

You can do this to each section or only on the areas where you want some bombshell volume. Allow your hair to cool down in the pins, and then spritz some hairspray to set the curls. Take out the pins and run your fingers through the curls for a natural, lived-in look. How easy was that?


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