Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Oh-So Refreshing Sea Salt Body Wash


I love showering just as much as I enjoy a good cup of iced coffee and a book to go with it. There’s something very refreshing about having a shower to invigorate your senses. Nothing prepares me for the day ahead as much as a nice long bath.

When you think of a good relaxing shower, the first thing that comes to your mind is a refreshing body wash. And if you’re like me, you look forward to it mostly because of how good your body wash smells! I’m not someone who can take very strong smells, so most fruity scents don’t cut it for me. They’re extremely artificial and overly feminine for my liking. I prefer something that reminds me of the sea.  So when I came across this product, my first thought was, “A body wash that reminds me of my last vacation? Sold!”


H2O+ Spa Sea Salt Body Wash


A sea salt wash like this one from H2O+ gives you the feels of a spa and accept it ladies, who wouldn’t want that? This sea salt body wash is perfect for daily use and doesn’t overpower your natural fragrance. So you can smell like the sea when you start your day with a mixture of your essence. This is precisely why this body wash makes it to my #HauteList this week. It might be my favourite product already!

BUY NOW: H2O+ Spa Sea Salt Body Wash (Rs 1,200)

Shachi Lavingia

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