6 Kickass Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

6 Kickass Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

It’s that time of the year again when Christmas trees will be put up and decorated, and the sweet smell of baking traditional savouries will permeate the air. Sigh. While you rush around to put together outfits, don’t forget to keep those talons fancy!

1. Reindeer Nail Art

What’s Christmas without Santa and his entourage of elves, and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? Even Princess Eugenie of Britain recently wore really cute reindeer-inspired nails for the Queen’s Christmas lunch this week. I think the reindeer art on the accent nail followed by sparkly French tips in this tutorial make for a grown-up version of holiday nails.



2. Christmas Holly Nail Art

Holly is another Christmas staple and makes for interesting nail art. The subtly sparkly, striped base is done with the aid of striping tape, which you can easily source from stores like Beauty Centre. The holly and the leaves can be drawn freehand with toothpicks.




3. Moustache Christmas Tree Nail Art

You know how moustache prints became such a rage and were everywhere — from mugs to finger rings and clothes? This interesting spin on the moustache Christmas tree paired with minimalist dots is too pretty to ignore. Plus it incorporates all the colours of Christmas without looking childish.



4. Snowflake Nail Art

A white Christmas is a prerequisite in Christmas movies. Even though it doesn’t snow in most parts of India, nail the Christmas spirit with this beautiful ombre snowflake nail art.



5. Twinkling Lights Nail Art

Putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it with ornaments is a family project. There’s no reason why your nails can’t be adorned with twinkling lights too. I particularly like the idea of breaking the monotony with a sparkly nail polish on the pinky finger.



6. Mint & Gold Nail Art

I know it’s an understatement, but I’m going to say it anyway — this mint and gold combo is beyond gorgeous; I don’t see why you can’t wear this in the season of merry-making. This classy design is ideal for girls I’d call elegant rebels!


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