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5 Kiko Milano Makeup Products That You Should Add To Your Beauty Kit RN

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It was not until last year that I found out that most makeup products are manufactured in Italy. So, those of you who were as oblivious as me, you’re welcome. In fact, because Italy is a manufacturing hub, the best beauty brands are available there at throwaway prices. So if I had enough money, I’d be packing my bags and moving to Italy RN. But because I can’t even afford flight tickets to Goa at the moment, I am sitting here at Starbucks in Mumbai with the cheapest coffee on their menu, and writing this article.

Now, I wasn’t just dropping random trivia on you. The reason I spoke about Italian beauty products is that we are going to talk about Kiko Milano today. I’d like to admit, I didn’t know of the brand for the longest time and it’s only recently that I got acquainted with it. In my defence, I usually discover  makeup brands through Instagram, my makeup connoisseur sister, or gifts my relatives give me when they are feeling generous.

So my cousin (if you’re reading this, I love you!) gifted me a product from Kiko – yeah, I say Kiko like it’s my best friend. Although they aren’t certified cruelty-free yet, Kiko claims to not do animal testing or sell in countries which has animal testing mandatory. So, if you are looking to discover and fall in love with a yet another brand, then I am listing down some of their best sellers that are loved globally.

I am not someone who always has nail polish on but it doesn’t hurt to get a good mani once a while. But I find it really difficult to maintain my nail polish and I know I am not the only one. We wash our hands so often (at least most of us who practise good hygiene). So our nail colour ends up chipping or getting stained and then it ends up looking so ugly! All we need is a product that could withstand all this and at least last a week. Kiko Milano’s Smart Nail Lacquer does just that. It comes in a small bottle, but brimming with a lot of happiness. I tried their nail polish and honestly, it lasted me one whole week and TBH nothing was more satisfying than that.

I absolutely love lipsticks, and I found my soulmate in Kiko’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick. I personally love this lipstick because it has a very soft and creamy texture that sits on my lips like a feather and makes me look glamorous af. It leaves my lips moisturised so I don’t reach for my lip balm every now and then.

Voluminous lashes are always welcome in the life of a beauty junkie. Your makeup is never complete without batting your perfect, long lashes. But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with naturally long lashes and we can’t always wear the fake ones. And this mascara comes to our rescue! The creamy texture of this mascara makes it easy to apply and is also – wait for it – clump-free. Yes, I can hear you all moan a little with pleasure.

For those living under a rock and unaware of what BB cream is – well, it stands for Blemish Balm. This is an all-in-one cream that works as a primer, SPF, foundation, and concealer. You can avoid the extra hassle by using Kiko’s BB cream which not only moisturises your skin like a dream but also gives you a fairly good coverage, at least for daily wear.

Okay, I love anything sparkly so excuse me for passionately recommending this product while I drool over it. I am talking about Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss range which made me fall in love with it instantly. It not only moisturises my lips, but also makes them look plump. You can use it as it is or over a lipstick, either way, you are going to look gorgeous.


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