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5 Beauty Looks You Need To Experiment With This Year

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It’s the new year and you do know what that means, don’t you? Change is coming our way (or it probably has by now). We bid farewell to the year that was 2016, and say hello to the year that is to come, hoping that, along with its newness, it brings some craziness into our lives. Now, in the past year we have seen some pretty ridiculous beauty trends that weren’t really worthy of being called…let’s say, normal. And there were some that were so utterly crazy to think of, but were beautiful when put together. These are ones that break all the beauty rules and yet look awesome when pulled-off. However, you are going to need to be daring to try these, because let me tell you, these looks are going to turn heads. So, if you are ready to be experimental this year (which I think you should), then here are 5 makeup and hair looks that are so bold, you NEED to try them STAT!


1. All Things Bold

Don’t be afraid to go bold this year. Break all the rules in terms of keeping it subtle and make a statement with your makeup. Of course, you don’t want to look like a clown (unless you actually do), so keep the base clean. However, do not stop yourself from going all out with your eyes and lips.


2. Black Is Best

Trade in your plum or wine colour for a deeper hue like black or dark purple. Take your vampy lips to the next level this year and add that dark oomph to your simple makeup. I mean, even Kylie is doing it, right?


3. Add Colour

If your usual go-to is black, grey, or nude tones for eyeshadows, then why not try something different by adding colour? Go for hues of purples, blues, or even red — if it works on the runway, it should definitely work IRL! Don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colours of shadows.


4. Cat Eyeshadow

Leave your cat liner aside and wing your eyes with eyeshadow instead. A quick hack to do so would be to use scotch-tape as a guide when applying the product to the corner of your eyes — it prevents any residue from falling, and also creates that sexy, sharp shape you want!


5. Oversize Your Buns

Buns have been a favourite, season in and out, so take it up a really big notch and make the little donut on your head stand up (literally!). A perfect hairstyle for greasy hair, you can either bun it up simple or add a little braid to give it a touch of elegance and femininity.


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